Hurricane Zeta lands in Louisiana


Hurricane Zeta, a powerful Category 2 storm, came ashore on Wednesday in southeast Louisiana, bringing heavy rains and devastating winds to a state that has been hit by hurricanes more than once this season.

Upon reaching the shore near the fishing village of Kokodri, the storm moved at a speed of 38 kilometers per hour, and the wind speed inside the hurricane reached 177 kilometers per hour.

Zeta made landfall about 105 kilometers from New Orleans, becoming the fifth named storm to hit the state this year, with about a month left of hurricane season.

The previous record of four hurricanes was achieved in 2002.

The Lafourche County Sheriff’s Office said on Twitter that reports of property damage, including fallen power lines and felled trees, began coming in from local residents minutes after the storm hit the ground.

The sheriff’s office has urged local residents not to leave their homes until the storm has passed.

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