Huawei will more than halve smartphone production this year and reduce product range

Not secret that due to US sanctions Huawei is far from doing in the best way, but the company is still going and continue to produce smartphones and not flatly refuses to sell its mobile division. True, despite this, Huawei though preparing for hard times.

What does it mean

Nikkei reports that Huawei has already notified its suppliers of reduction of orders in this year. So, by according to media reports, Huawei will order components for 7080 million smartphones, and it’s on whole year.

For comparison, in last year, the Chinese company sold 189 million devices, then is in 2021 reduction of 60%. AND in 2019 was even higher 240 million.

In addition, the company plans to revise its range by reducing the number of models. The thing is that due to sanctions from manufacturer having problems with details for 5G smartphones, so in this year will focus on 4G versions… Of course it is not means that new products with support for fifth generation networks at all will be, just with they will not so smooth.

By in the opinion of suppliers, this may lead to further reduction in production to 50 million pieces. At this rate, the independent brand Honor has every chance of overtaking its former parent company.

Source: Nikkei

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