Hrgovic plans to fight Dubois


Filip Hrgovic’s co-promoter, Nisse Zaurland, says the Croatian heavyweight is considering a fight with Daniel Dubois.

In November, Khrgovich will enter the ring against Rydell Booker, and just a few days ago he knocked out the Georgian boxer Alexander Kartozia.

Hrgovic had already spoken about Dubois after their sparring sessions in 2018, but then Eddie Hearn stated that “both fighters have too busy schedules already.”

Now Hearn, promoting Hrgovich along with Sauerland, said: “

Great fight. We’ve heard talk about these sparrings before, let’s find out if they are true or not. “

In return, Sauerland welcomed the prospect of a potential fight in the near future:

“We would have fought Dubois if the conditions are good for us. But he still needs to beat Joyce, which is not easy. In general, we agree on any winner of this pair. I know Philip likes this idea.”

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