How much does the iPhone 12 actually cost?

How much does the iPhone 12 actually cost?

According to the Japanese edition Nikkei News, Fomalhaut Techno Solutions has found out what the real cost of the new iPhone 12 is.

What is known

So, according to the source, the most expensive component of a smartphone is the OLED display. It costs about $ 70. The proprietary A14 Bionic processor costs the company $ 40, SK Hynix RAM – $ 12.8, and Samsung Electronics’ built-in storage – $ 19.2. Apple pays Sony $ 8 for the camera sensor. In general, the cost of the device is $ 373. For comparison, in the US, the iPhone 12 is sold with a price tag of $ 799 (excluding taxes).

Taking these numbers as a basis, it turns out that Apple earns about $ 427 per device, but in fact, the figure is much lower. Do not forget that the company is still spending money on the development of some components of the device, as well as on advertising, logistics, etc.

Source: ITHome

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