House of Representatives approves a bill on democracy in Belarus

House of Representatives approves a bill on democracy in Belarus

The House of Representatives of the US Congress approved the draft law “On Sovereignty, Human Rights and Democracy in Belarus.” It allows imposing sanctions not only against Belarusian, but also against Russian citizens who are involved in repressions in Belarus.

The bill was presented by Republican Congressman Christopher Smith. The document was supported by representatives of both parties.

The bill expands the powers of the US President on the issue of imposing sanctions in connection with the rigging of the presidential elections in Belarus in August and human rights violations in this country. At the same time, it is indicated that sanctions can be imposed not only against citizens of Belarus, but also against Russians.

“The US President can impose visa sanctions against any foreigner who is a member of the Central Election Commission of Belarus or participated in election manipulation, or against a government person responsible for persecuting independent media, or a representative of the Union State, or a Russian citizen who took a significant part in the persecution Mass media and human rights violations in connection with political repressions in Belarus, ”the document says.

Since August 9, mass protests have been taking place in Belarus against the official results of the presidential elections and the power of Alexander Lukashenko. Moscow recognized Lukashenko as the legitimate president of Belarus.

The document adopted by the House of Representatives also calls for new elections in Belarus in a free and fair manner in accordance with OSCE standards.

It recognizes the Coordination Council, created by the opposition, as a legitimate institution for participation in the dialogue on the peaceful transfer of power, and does not recognize Alexander Lukashenko as “the legally elected leader of Belarus.”

The document states that the United States does not recognize the inclusion of Belarus in the Union State with Russia.

In order for the document to take effect, it must be approved by the Senate and signed by the President.

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