Homophobe, racist, traitor: the network chose the “worst” of Hollywood Chris


All the “sins” were recalled to Mr. Pratt.

Recently, director Amy Berg decided to entertain subscribers by offering them a vote for the worst of the four famous Chris: Hemsworth, Evans, Pine and Pratt. She offered to “throw out” one Chris and attached a portrait of each of them to the publication. Many users were baffled by this choice, they say, each of the Chris is irreplaceable. However, there were a number of subscribers who immediately remembered who could be “kicked out” of the four for that – Chris Pratt came under fire.

The actor was reminded of attending Hillsong Church, which is known for its homophobic speech. Added to this were Chris’ racist remarks and his unfortunate joke related to the election campaign. We will remind, Chris urged people to go to vote, but not for the President of the United States, but for the nominees for the People’s Choice Awards 2020, in particular, for the cartoon with his participation Onward. Pratt also laughed at how other stars “several times a day” urge fans to go to the polls.

The upcoming People’s Choice Awards 2020 – the most significant vote in the history of mankind … Vote for the best family film of the year Onward. Or. You will die. No exaggeration. Let your voice be heard

– he wrote on Instagram.

“I don’t like Pratt. The link on his Instagram takes him to the People’s Choice Awards voting page, not to the US election. What the hell? There is nothing on his page about voting and Black Lives Matter ”,“ Pratt. He has terrible views and supports anti-LGBT churches. The choice is simple, ”users say. Finally, some admitted that they still cannot forgive Chris for breaking up with Anna Faris, with whom he has a common child.

Homophobe, racist, traitor: the network chose the

Having “excluded” Pratt from the four, commentators have suggested another Chris in his place – Pung, who starred in the second part of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”. Let’s see if this “vote” affects Pratt’s career.

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