“He’s been gay for so many years”: Hugh Jackman’s wife responds to long-standing rumors


Deborra-Lee Furness commented on rumors that her husband Hugh Jackman is “actually gay.”

Recently, in an interview with Anh’s Brush With Fame, Hugh Jackman’s wife spoke out about long-standing dubious rumors about her husband’s sexuality.

He’s been “gay” for so many years. And I was “gay” too. Remember when I was filming Shame [фильм 1987 года]? I was gay then too. And everyone was shocked when I ended up getting married

– laughing, said Deborra-Lee. And added:

This is all not true. It’s the same as if they said about Elton John: “He’s straight.” I’m sure it would have pissed him off.

Jackman and Furness met on the set of the Australian television series Correlli in 1995 and got married in 1996. Although at first the actors were afraid to confess their sympathy to each other.

In March of this year, Jackman proudly noted during an interview that he and Deb have been together for 25 years. The actor said that he and his wife always “find time for each other” and “always learn” from each other.

We study all our lives, people change. Despite the fact that we have been together for 25 years, I understand that it is necessary to rebuild all the time. I often notice how funny she is, how amazing and intelligent. The longer it goes on, the better the relationship gets

Hugh said.

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