Here’s a twist: Huawei is not interested in Qualcomm processors

Qualcomm recently received a license from US government at renewed cooperation with Huawei. However, wait for smartphones of the Chinese manufacturer with Snapdragon processors do not seem to worth it.


Zhang Pingan, president of Huawei’s cloud services business, said the company did not particularly interested in Qualcomm chips. The thing is the fact that the license issued by Qualcomm contains one important condition: Huawei is prohibited from supplying processors with 5G support.

Of course, Huawei can receive from Qualcomm chips with 4G but they her not are interested. At the same time, the suppliers report that the company’s orders for production 4G smartphones begin to grow. However less in Huawei is primarily interested in fifth-generation networks.

Zhang Pingan stressed that Huawei appreciates the efforts that Qualcomm has made to reopen the partnership.

As a reminder, AMD, Intel, Samsung, Sony and many others, but all of them not allowed to supply 5G equipment. But, by rumored Huawei is going to build a production of our own microcircuits without the use of US technology.

Source: Gizchina

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