Helena Bonham Carter is not worried about 21-year age gap with her boyfriend


The 54-year-old actress spoke about her relationship with Ray Holmboe.

After breaking up with Tim Burton, with whom she lived for 13 years, Helena Bonham Carter began a new relationship and since 2018 has been dating writer and modern literature teacher Ray Holmboe, who is 21 years younger than Carter. Helena maintains friendly relations with a former partner. They have two children in common.

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Posted by Helena Bonham Carter (@helenabonhamcarter_offical) 11 Aug 2019 at 3:38 PDT

The actress rarely talks about her new chosen one. But in an interview with Time, she commented on the age difference with her boyfriend. In The Crown, Helena plays Princess Margaret, and she compared her relationship with Ray to that of Margaret and Roddy Llewellyn, who was 17 years younger than his lover.

“It was strange to realize that we have about the same age difference as theirs. But everyone ages at different rates. My boyfriend is incredibly mature. He is an old soul in a young body, what more could I wish for? ” – said the actress.

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Posted by Helena Bonham Carter (@helenabonhamcarter_offical) 26 Jun 2019 at 12:42 PDT

And in an interview with The Guardian, Helena told how she and Ray met. “I can’t talk much about him. He is a psychoanalyst and needs anonymity. But he’s magical. That’s all I want to say about him. I met him at a wedding. It was pure coincidence because we both didn’t want to go for it. But this accident determined a lot. This is amazing, ”the star shared.

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