Helena Bonham Carter Gives Rare Comment on Tim Burton’s Divorce

Helena Bonham Carter Gives Rare Comment on Tim Burton’s Divorce

The celebrity couple announced their breakup six years ago.

54-year-old Helena Bonham Carter commented on the divorce from director Tim Burton for the first time in recent years. Their separation became known in 2014 – throughout the novel, the eccentric couple lived in neighboring houses in London.

In a recent interview with the Guardian, the actress hinted that she did not want to end her 13-year relationship with Burton.

“I didn’t leave, let’s just say,” she said briefly.

The artist admitted that it took her family time to adapt to the new realities. In the marriage of Burton and Carter, two children were born – son Billy, who recently turned 17, and daughter Nell. Helena remembered that she had experienced the incredible cruelty of the divorce, which hit her painfully.

Moreover, in her opinion, the creator of the TV series “Crown” Peter Morgan asked her to play Princess Margaret, precisely because she was able to survive the public breakup. As a reminder, the fourth season of the show is due out on Netflix on November 15.

The actress also talked about how she met her current boyfriend, 32-year-old Raya Doug Holmbaugh, at a wedding two years ago. Carter described it as “a happy accident” as both of them had no intention of going to the party that day. The couple is not embarrassed by the age difference, and Rye has already found a common language with the Carter heirs.

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