Hannah Rankin on the cancellation of the fight: “I’m shocked. The title fight is postponed indefinitely ”


The bout for the vacant WBO super middleweight title between Savannah Marshall (8-0, 6 KOs) and Hannah Rankin (9-4, 2 KOs) is canceled after Marshall’s coach, Peter Fury, tested positive on a pass of the COVID 19 test. Fury tweeted about this sad event:

“It’s a shame, but I tested positive for Covid19. Good news – Marshall’s test showed that she was healthy .. However, due to the restrictions associated with my illness, all team members are quarantined for 14 days. We are now thinking about it. how to get through a canceled fight as quickly as possible. “

Hannah Rankin also reacted emotionally to the incident:

“I’m just shocked, I think Savannah too. We both did an incredible amount of work to make this fight take place. It took weeks of training to get ready, but it was in vain. This morning at the weigh-in, I was delighted with the result, and now I was completely devastated I am absolutely sure that I will go home as a world champion. Unfortunately, my triumph has been postponed. “

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