Halle Berry was delighted with a cat named Halle Berry


A real “catwoman” lives in a shelter and is waiting for new owners.

Employees of one of the shelters in Michigan posted a post on Twitter in which they talked about a cat named Halle Berry, who is looking for a new home. The publication attracted the attention of the cat’s namesake – actress Halle Berry, who was delighted with the heroine of the publication and reposted the recording, accompanied by several red exclamation marks.

Fans of the actress were moved by the message about the cat on her page: “Now I love you even more, how is it possible?”, “You are the only cat that I love”, “Wow, Holly. She is simply adorable “,” Lucky cat with a name. ”

Animal care workers noted that the cat is eight years old and that she gets along with other cats.

We do not know if she communicated with children or dogs, if anything, it would be better to slowly introduce them to each other. She has lived with cats in the past and also got along with other cats here at the shelter,

– says the entry.

Halle Berry was delighted with a cat named Halle Berry

While Halle Berry’s cat is looking for a new owner, actor Colton Haynes has a cat named Timothy Shalamyau. In the spring, Colton enthusiastically said that he had taken the pet at a shelter and noted that he himself came up with a name for him.

I really like – Timothy Shalamyau. Cool, isn’t it? Finally I became a catfather

– shared Haynes.

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