Hackers hacked iPhone 11 Pro and iOS 14 in just 10 seconds and got $ 180 thousand for it

Hackers hacked iPhone 11 Pro and iOS 14 in just 10 seconds and got $ 180 thousand for it

On days in the Chinese city of Chengdu completed the Tianfu Cup the largest and prestigious hacker competition in country. This is the so-called analogue of Pwn2Own computer hacker competition, which is held annually at conferences on security CanSecWest.

Competition conditions

IN 15 teams took part in the competition. Them the main objective exploit previously unknown vulnerabilities and from them help to hack a specific application or device. Each team was given three attempts at 5 minutes each for then to hack a specific target.

If the attack succeeds hackers get points, which then turn into money. Tianfu Cup prize pool was $ 1 210 000.

What got hacked

The most interesting thing is that in during the competition, they managed to hack the iOS 14 operating system on smartphone iPhone 11 Pro, and it took it’s only 10 seconds. IN As a result, the teams that successfully attacked iOS 14 in in total received $ 180 thousand.

In addition, we managed to compromise:

  • Samsung Galaxy S20
  • Windows 10 2004 (April 2020)
  • Ubuntu
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Adobe PDF Reader
  • Docker (Community Edition)
  • VMWare EXSi (hypervisor)
  • QEMU (emulator and virtualizer)
  • router firmware TP-Link and ASUS

After that Apple, Google and other companies have been notified of found vulnerabilities so that they can fix errors.

By the results of the competition with the team of the Chinese tech giant Qihoo 360 (360 Enterprise Security and Government and (ESG) Vulnerability Research Institute) won by a wide margin. Team 360Vulcan). They took most of the prize pool $744 500. The second place was taken by experts from Ant-Financial Light-Year Security ($258 000), and third place and $99 500 went to a private researcher cybersecurity.

Source: Tianfu Cup, Mydrivers

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