H-Mobile D9000: unusual push-button phone the size of a TV remote for $ 41

Why not you will find on the vastness of AliExpress, and all sorts of outlandish gadgets here far from it rarity. Like a push-button telephone H-Mobile D9000.

What it is

This is a representative «old school» (from physical keyboard and without smart functions) from very interesting shape: the phone is so long and narrow, which looks like a remote control TV. Its dimensions are 190×53×30 mm. It looks like such a device is convenient to hold hands, a here in pocket he hardly will fit. By the way, on one of posters are also depicted antenna.

Also have phone 2,6-inch screen, support for two sim card and modest main camera (only 1 MP). There is support for the Russian language.

Another feature H-Mobile D9000 this is the battery capacity. Stated as much as 8700 mAh battery, which is a lot even for modern smartphones. It looks like the device can be used in as a power bank for charging other gadgets.

How many?

On AliExpress H-Mobile The D9000 can now be ordered for $ 41.40. On the choice is black and golden colors.

Source: AliExpress

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