Georgia authorities ordered to recount votes for Trump and Biden

Georgia authorities ordered to recount votes for Trump and Biden

On Wednesday, Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger ordered a manual recount of the ballots cast by voters in the presidential elections for Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Nearly all votes have been counted in Georgia so far, and Democrat Biden, who has already been named President Elect, is 14,112 ahead of Republican Trump. In total, almost 5 million residents of Georgia took part in the elections.

Brad Raffensperger admitted that he would like to see Donald Trump as the winner, but denied statements by party associates that the counting of votes in Georgia was accompanied by violations. Georgia is a traditionally Republican state whose residents last elected a Democrat candidate for president in 1992.

Announcing a thorough check of the vote in Georgia, Raffensperger, in the presence of representatives of local election commissions, expressed his support and said that he was delighted with their work: “This is hard work. They performed their duties and did their job, ”the Secretary of State stressed.

He promised that representatives of Democrats and Republicans will observe the recount of votes: “The stakes are high,” Raffensperger said.

In addition to manual revision, ballots will be re-scanned at the voting machines. State officials hope to complete this process by November 20. According to the secretary of state, “this will help build confidence in the electoral process … It will be audited, recounted and rechecked at the same time.”

According to an unofficial tally of votes cast for candidates for the presidency of the United States, Biden has already won the popular vote and received more than 270 electoral votes, which is necessary to win – officially the name of the new president is determined at a meeting of the 538-member Electoral College.

Leading American media, which traditionally summarize unofficial election results, have not yet named the name of the winner either in Georgia, where 16 electoral votes are at stake, or in Arizona, where Biden is also 12,813 ahead of Trump and where 11 electoral votes are at stake.

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