George Foreman said that Mike Tyson would not pose a threat to him

Legendary heavyweight contender George Foreman, responding to questions from his followers on Twitter, made it clear that he did not consider Mike Tyson a serious threat to himself. According to Foreman, fighters like Iron Mike weren’t really dangerous opponents for him.

“What do you think, when Muhammad Ali told you to stay away from Mike Tyson, it was because he thought Mike would beat you, or because he knew you would beat him, so he said to stay away from Tyson as he was a friend of Cas D ‘Amato, was your style dangerous for Tyson? ” the user asked.

“Ali never told me to stay away from Tyson. He said, ‘Tyson hits like crazy.’ Ali was very impressed with Mike. But for me they were really fast (small and muscular) and didn’t pose any threat,” Foreman replied …

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