George Foreman confesses which rival he feared the most


Legendary ex-world heavyweight champion George Foreman continues to pamper his fans on social media by answering questions on Twitter. One of the subscribers asked which of the rivals the American boxer feared more than others. In response, Foreman admitted that Joe Frazier instilled in him the greatest fear.

“Hello Big George. May God bless you for answering my question. Was there a fighter you feared the most in your career? Was there a special moment when you were sure of defeat before entering the ring? Thank you so much” – asked the subscriber.

“Joe Frazier fits all of the above. I was afraid of him, Joe the Giant Slayer. Nobody expected me to win,” Foreman replied.

Recall that in 1973 Foreman defeated Fraser by TKO in the second round. In 1976, the boxers had a rematch, which ended in a similar outcome, but now it took George five rounds.


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