George Clooney supported Tom Cruise, who obscenely scolded the crew of the film “Mission: Impossible 7”


In a new interview, Clooney explained his colleague’s behavior.

Recently, an audio recording made on the set of the movie “Mission Impossible 7” appeared on the Web, in which Tom Cruise shouts at his colleagues because they ignored safety rules. While many film projects were paused due to the pandemic, Cruz and his team continued to work on the film, however, the actor demanded the strictest security measures from his colleagues. When Tom saw that two members of the film crew came too close to each other, he did not contain his anger and threatened employees with dismissal, addressing them in a very rude manner.

Cruz is known for his strictness and love of order and discipline, but some felt that by swearing at his colleagues, the actor went too far.

George Clooney recently discussed this situation with Howard Stern and noted that he understood Cruise’s violent reaction.

“He did not go too far, because there really is such a problem. In this situation, he has power and is responsible for everyone, so he is absolutely right. If production of a film slows down, many people will lose their jobs. People need to understand this and take responsibility. The way Cruise behaved is just not my style. But I understand why he did it. He’s right. Besides, we do not know the circumstances: maybe his colleagues have already violated the rules ten times before, ”Clooney shared his thoughts.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yana Shelekhova

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