Galaxy S21 – just the beginning: Samsung will deprive other smartphones of charging and headphones

Galaxy S21 – just the beginning: Samsung will deprive other smartphones of charging and headphones

After the presentation of the flagship Galaxy S21 family, Samsung has released material in which replied to somewhat interesting question, in including about cutting down the scope of delivery of new smartphones.

This is just the beginning

Recall in Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 + you not find none headphones or charger only the smartphone itself, cable, paper clip and documentation. This was explained by concern for environment they say, it is necessary to reduce the amount of plastic and expenses.

But is not came as a surprise, since before this on a similar step was taken by Apple, cutting down the bundle of smartphones and «smart» hours, and immediately new, and already released models. Have Samsung в this plan is a different strategy: older models, in including Note 10, still sold with charging in box.

But of statements top managers Samsung realized that in future and other new items will lose their complete set.

«we found that more Galaxy users are reusing accessories that have they already exist, and thereby making sustainable decisions in their daily life to promote sustainable habits. To support our Galaxy community at this way, we move on to giving up charger and headphones in our latest line of Galaxy smartphones. we believe that the gradual abandonment charging adapters and headphones in boxes with our devices can help solve the problems of sustainable consumption and get rid of the oppressive feeling that consumers may have in ties with the constant purchase of unnecessary chargers with new phones», said in Samsung’s statement.

True, what kind of gadgets and what price categories will go by in the footsteps of the Galaxy S21 not yet known.

Source: Samsung

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