From Meat Dress to Poker Face: Lady Gaga Repeats Her Iconic Looks In One Video

From Meat Dress to Poker Face: Lady Gaga Repeats Her Iconic Looks In One Video

The celebrity urged her fellow tribesmen to come to the polls and vote for a candidate worthy, in their opinion.

The other day, Lady Gaga once again surprised her fans. This time, the star decided to do it on purpose in order to draw the attention of Americans to the upcoming presidential elections.

The singer posted a video on her microblog in which she showed herself in various outfits, one way or another related to her life and work. Against a black background, Gaga changed her looks for several minutes, showing herself in a luxurious blue swimsuit from the video Poker Face, then demonstrating the “meat dress” that she wore for the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

At the same time, the artist spoke about one thing: about the opportunity to cast her vote for a person who, according to her subscribers, should become the new president of the United States. The singer has already given her voice and made a choice. “Listen to me now: even if you disagree with me, your voice still matters for the whole world,” said the celebrity.

Lady Gaga also asked Americans not to be afraid of elections and to believe in their conscious chance to change something in their beloved country. “I have never been afraid of my voice being heard. Maybe I felt like I was changing, but one thing is always with me – it is my voice and what I believe in. My voice will be heard in this election. Will yours be? ” – asked the artist in the video.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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