“Fortunately, this time in pants”: Chris Evans shares a touching photo with a pet

The actor showed what was in his heart.

The Avengers star Chris Evans launched an Instagram page in May this year, and since then, the dog Dodger has been his main star. This weekend, Evans showed how he spends time with his pet by posting a photo of the dog on his bare chest.

Dodger lies on Dodger

– signed the frame by Chris, implying a tattoo with the name of the pet.

Of course, the fans did not pass by the post: “Can I be this dog?”, “And you broke the Internet again”, “Google, how to turn into a dog?”, “Hair on the chest!”

Fortunately, this time in pants

– left a comment one of the subscribers, recalling Evans his recent mistake. Recall that in September, the actor accidentally leaked a “naked” photo in his stories section. Chris shared a video recorded from his phone screen to show his family playing the Heads Up game, but after the video of the game in the video, a media gallery briefly appeared, among which was a photo of male genitals, presumably of Evans himself.

After an active discussion of this incident in the media, the actor still commented on the incident and used it as an excuse to urge people to vote.

It was a very interesting weekend full of lessons learned and insightful moments. It’s embarrassing, but you have to be able to take a hit. Plus I have amazing fans who came to my rescue,

– Chris said in an interview.


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