Former coach Andy Ruiz pointed out Lomachenko’s main mistake in the fight with Lopez

Manny Robles, the former coach of ex-world heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz, was pleased with the fight for the title of undisputed world champion in the lightweight division between Vasily Lomachenko and Teofimo Lopez. In his opinion, the main mistake of the Ukrainian boxer in this confrontation was that he started active actions too late.

“It was a great fight. Boxing lovers love fights like this. Of course, what Teofimo did was amazing. He had a great evening of boxing. I take off my hat to him because he did something that many didn’t believe. Congratulations.

I think, and many will agree with me on this, that Lomachenko simply took too much time. He reacted a little late. He gave up the first 5-6 rounds, showing little activity. When he decided to look like Lomachenko, it was too late. Teofimo was way ahead, “Manny Robles said in an interview with YouTube channel

We will remind, Robles also criticized the referee’s notes of the fight Lomachenko – Lopez.

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