First US voting results show mixed results


The first results of the voting in the United States confirmed an already known fact: the country is deeply divided, and the results of the presidential elections are unpredictable.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden won a landslide victory at Dixville Notch in New Hampshire.

All five voters in a settlement near the border with Canada, where votes are traditionally counted right after midnight, voted for him. Thus, Biden won his first victory on election day.

But not wanting to be outdone, President Donald Trump won in Millsfield, a town 18 kilometers south. Here 16 people voted for Trump, and 5 for Biden.

Thus, at the moment, Trump is in the lead with 16 votes to 10 for Biden.

Dixville Notch Night Voting has been running for several decades and is attracting a lot of attention. Traditionally, elections were held in the historic voting room at the Balsams Resort in the center of the settlement.


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