First lady of the United States condemned the attack on the Capitol


First Lady Melania Trump broke her silence over the invasion of Congress by supporters of her husband, while claiming that she was unfairly treated.

A crowd of people broke into the Capitol on January 6, ransacking the premises and clashing with the police.

Melania Trump’s first comments came in the form of a statement posted on the White House website, where she noted that she was “disappointed and saddened by what happened last week.”

“Our country must be healed in a civilized manner. Rest assured, I fully condemn the violence that took place in our nation’s Capitol. Violence can never be acceptable, ”she wrote.

However, she also criticized the atmosphere in the country after the riots.

“It seems to me shameful that in connection with these tragic events there appeared obscene gossip, unfounded personal attacks and false, misleading accusations against me from people who want to be relevant and have their own agenda,” she wrote, without going into details.

She expressed her condolences to the families of five people killed in the riots. At the same time, the names of Trump supporters were listed before the mention of Brian Siknik, a police officer who died of mob wounds.


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