First blood and peeling paint: unexpected complaints on the iPhone 12

The release of new Apple smartphones annually arouses great interest and active discussions in networks. Not dispenses with complaints that have already rained down on new iPhone 12.

What is not So

AT Chinese social network Weibo, photos of hands appeared that «suffered» at the course of using the iPhone 12. The owner of the smartphone assures that the flat edges of the device are to blame. AT Unlike iPhone 4 и iPhone 5 с so same design as new gadgets are much larger, so keep the smartphone in hand harder. Grief-user squeezed his iPhone so hard that he cut his finger and earn red footprints.

Of course, it is not clear why it was necessary to squeeze the smartphone so hard, endure the pain and bring to cuts. At the very least, you can loosen your grip. Or, alternatively, use a silicone case.

Other pictures were taken in one of Apple Stores. On they show the iPhone 12 with showcases on which began to peel off the paint. By According to the author of the photo, this is due to frequent touches, because every visitor wants not just look at novelty but and twist it at hands.

AND here at XDA Developers Editor Max Weinbach (Max Weinbach) the problem is more serious: the back glass of the iPhone 12 Pro cracked by itself yourself. «My phone is nowhere falling, i its not dropped and not did with nothing at all. I just put it on the table with the screen down, and when took in hands again, found that the glass in the area of ​​the camera cracked. I always admit if something I break, but it was not I», told Max.

Apple Service Center quickly resolved his problem by simply replacing the smartphone with new.

Source: GizmoChina, Max Weinbach

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