Filip Hrgovich: “The tendril is too small and weak for the heavyweight”


Undefeated heavyweight prospect Philip Khrgovich is skeptical about former undisputed world cruiserweight champion Alexander Usik’s move to the “royal” division. According to the Croatian boxer, the size of the Ukrainian will not allow him to compete with the top heavyweights.

“Even before the fight with Chisora, before Usyk’s transition to the heavyweight division, I thought that this was not his weight category. He is a good, skilled boxer, but Alexander is simply too small and weak for the heavyweight. The fight with Derek Chisora ​​only confirmed my opinion.

I believe that Usyk did not shine. You have seen that he is not powerful enough and that he does not have the real strength required for heavyweight. I think Usyk will have a lot of problems with the faster super heavyweight. And there are many faster fighters in the division than Chisora, “Filip Hrgovich said during a press conference.


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