Fight for 60 million: Britney Spears’ father explained why he should remain her guardian


Jamie Spears claims that he copes with his tasks and helps his daughter in doing business.

This year, Britney Spears began a legal battle with her father Jamie Spears, who has been the singer’s guardian for 12 years and, according to Britney and her lawyers, disposes of her fortune without her knowledge. In one of Spears’ recent statements, it is said that Jamie secretly transferred the management of her finances to a new person – business manager Michael Caine. Britney claims that this manager is associated with her father’s lawyers and does not belong to the company that previously handled the singer’s business. Spears does not refuse guardianship, but asks the court to deprive her father of these powers.

However, Jamie Spears is in no hurry to part with his powers and insists that he is doing an excellent job. Since Britney was appointed a guardian (in 2008), he said, he has “skillfully handled financial threats to his daughter’s property,” including debts and lawsuits. Jamie claims that he deserves to remain Britney’s guardian in the future, writes TMZ.

He also says that the new business manager, whom he hired without Britney’s knowledge, is the right fit for the role, whom he found after careful selection. Jamie noted that Kane quickly got to work, so Britney just “didn’t have time to talk to him.” It is worth noting that Spears’ father has something to fight for: according to the publication, Britney’s fortune is estimated at $ 60 million.

Photo source: Legion-Media


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