FBI looking for sender of postcard linked to recent hacker attack

FBI looking for sender of postcard linked to recent hacker attack

The FBI is investigating a mysterious postcard sent to the home of the head of FireEye a few days after she discovered the first evidence of a hacker attack on US government departments and private companies. It is believed that Russian hackers were behind the attack.

Based on the time and content of the postcard, the senders knew of the attack long before it was publicly announced. Now the authorities are trying to establish whether it was sent by people associated with the Russian special services.

A postcard with the FireEye logo addressed to CEO Kevin Mundia challenged the company’s ability to identify who was behind the attack. According to sources close to the situation, the message contained a comic strip with the text: “Look, Russians!” and “Putin did it.”

There are suspicions that in this way the sender tried to knock the investigation off the track.

The FBI declined to comment. A FireEye spokesman declined to comment on the postcard.

The extent of the damage from the attack is still unknown. It was reported that correspondence was stolen from an unclassified network of the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Finance.

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