Facebook has blocked a number of suspicious accounts linked to Russia


The Facebook administration has blocked a number of suspicious accounts associated with the Russian military or intelligence agencies, the company said in a statement.

Acting on a tip from the FBI, the company tracked down suspicious posts and, as a result of the audit, deleted several accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

The accounts were targeted at different countries, including the US, UK, China, Belarus, Syria, and Ukraine.

“We removed three different networks for violating our foreign or government intervention policy, which is coordinated misconduct in the interests of a foreign or government agency. These networks originated in Russia, ”the website says.

One network was connected with the Russian military, another with the Internet Research Agency, and the third with the Russian special services.

Facebook security chief Nathaniel Gleicher called these networks small.

According to Gleicher, Russian-linked accounts were pretending to be locals in the countries they targeted and trying to attract people to fake news sites containing compromising leaks.

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