Eyes on the back of the head: Brooklyn Beckham dedicated an unusual tattoo to the bride


The Beckhams’ son lit up a tattoo in the form of the eyes of his beloved.

Recently, 21-year-old Brooklyn Beckham shared a series of fresh photos and videos with his followers on Instagram, in which he paints the lips of his bride Nicole Peltz. In parallel, Brooklyn showed a new tattoo on the back of his head in the form of large female eyes. It is easy to guess that young Beckham decided to decorate the back of his head with the image of his beloved’s eyes – the similarity of the tattoo with the eyes of Nikola is obvious.

In total, Brooklyn already has about 20 tattoos, but so far he is far from his famous father – David Beckham has more than 50 of them.

Brooklyn caught the attention of human rights defenders last week with a photograph of him playfully strangling Nicola with his hand around her neck. Users noticed that Brooklyn and other girls posed with a hand on their neck, and Nicola herself in a couple of photographs playfully strangles her lover. However, human rights activists believe that young Beckham thus supports domestic violence.

Eyes on the back of the head: Brooklyn Beckham dedicated an unusual tattoo to the bride

Diana Nammi, the founder of the women’s rights organization KWRO, was the first to comment on this:

It’s disgusting. I think one shouldn’t joke with such serious things. Our organization has seen many women victims of domestic violence and forced marriage. They were strangled by their own family, killed by their husbands, partners or boyfriends.

Diana and her supporters urged Beckham to apologize and remove this picture. Brooklyn did not comment on the situation, but deleted the photo.

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