Experts: US elections went smoothly

Experts: US elections went smoothly

WASHINGTON – Despite serious campaign concerns, millions of Americans went to the polls to elect a new president, and the process went smoothly by most estimates.

Law enforcement and voter rights activists said there were several reports of voter intimidation, but there were no major acts of violence.

In a situation where the outcome of a fierce election campaign between President Donald Trump and his Democrat rival Joe Biden is still unclear, authorities are still wary of possible unrest and violence.

However, voting rights advocates said the overall voting process was successful and hassle-free.

Kristen Clarke, president and chief executive of the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, said reports of voter intimidation were “more sporadic and far fewer” than her organization expected.

“We were ready to see these efforts [по запугиванию избирателей] in communities where blacks and non-whites live, ”Clarke said in a press briefing when polling stations closed in much of the country.

Clark’s Committee received about 30,000 calls from all over the country, which mainly related to the requirement to present identity cards and voter registration, and only then – election campaigning and intimidation of voters.

Only a few complaints related to voter intimidation. In addition, several states received complaints about automated calls urging voters to “take care of yourself and stay home”.

“We have seen these complaints [на запугивание избирателей]and in many cases it was lone wolves or groups of two, but not large groups that could have a significant, negative impact on the electorate, ”Clark said.

Karen Hobert Flynn, president of the nonprofit Common Cause, who also leads the Election Protection Coalition, made a similar assessment.

“I am delighted to report that overall this election day went quite smoothly for a very challenging year,” she said.

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