Evgeny Tishchenko knocked out John McCallum

Evgeny Tishchenko knocked out John McCallum

The main battle of the RCC Boxing Promotions on the evening of boxing on November 7 was the meeting between the gold medalist of the 2016 Olympics Yevgeny Tishchenko and the little-known Briton John McCallum. The favorite of the confrontation won a quick early victory.

Tishchenko, 29, initially deliberately gave the initiative to his opponent. John, who had previously performed even in the category of the first middle weight, has since then gained 20 kilograms of excess weight, showing on the scales a number almost identical to the tall and young Tishchenko. “Breathing into the navel” to his counterpart John honestly tried to work as the first number, but his rare blows to the head and on the block Eugene delivered mainly with his wrists or palms, moreover, completely forgetting about the body.

Tishchenko worked as number two, more often using direct punches from the strongest left hand. Eugene finished the fight in the second three minutes – John missed a blow to the liver and sank to the canvas. The Briton waited for the count “ten” from the referee’s side and immediately jumped up, again intending to continue the fight, which, however, he was not allowed. An easy victory for Evgeny Tishchenko and easy money for the full namesake of the famous bodybuilder of the 50s, John McCallum, who climbed into the fifth weight category for himself and did not enter the ring for almost two years.

The result of the fight: Evgeny Tishchenko’s early victory in the second round.


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