Evgeny Romanov quickly scored a 44-year-old Lyakhovich

Evgeny Romanov quickly scored a 44-year-old Lyakhovich

In the co-main fight of the boxing evening in Yekaterinburg, the relationship was sorted out by two heavyweights – Evgeny Romanov and Sergey Lyakhovich. There was no sensation – a quick victory was celebrated by the native of Volgograd Romanov.

From the very first seconds of the battle, Evgeny went ahead. His 44-year-old opponent closed the block and retreated to the ropes. Having reduced the distance, Evgeny found himself in his element, starting to inflict power blows from both hands to the head and body of the opponent. Already before the gong, Sergei found himself in a dangerous situation, but the break that came “saved” him from falling. In the second round, the one-sided beating of the veteran continued.

Unfortunately, Lyakhovich could not boast of good physical shape, which, given his age, led to another early defeat. Unlike the same Denis Bakhtov, who at least once, but managed to “snap back” and hook Romanov, Lyakhovich almost did not strike back. After heavy blows from Evgeny at the ropes, Sergei knelt down and groaned, not getting up until the end of the count.

Fight result: Evgeny Romanov won by knockout in the second round.


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