EU plans to simplify travel on its territory


Travelers across Europe will be able to avoid mandatory quarantines as part of plans to introduce a comprehensive COVID-19 testing regime, The Telegraph reported on Monday.

The European Commission would like testing to be the “preferred alternative” to travel quarantine and has tasked health experts to develop appropriate protocols, The Telegraph said.

It will also require EU member states to “mutually recognize” COVID-19 tests, which will allow business and leisure travelers arriving in the country to shorten or avoid quarantine by providing a medical certificate showing a negative coronavirus test, the newspaper said. The UK is expected to participate in the scheme until it leaves the European Union at the end of the year, but may remain in it after Brexit, the article said, citing EU sources.

Last week, EU countries agreed on a common COVID-19 or quarantine testing system for EU tourists and other travelers during the pandemic.

The system aims to end the confusion of restrictions across Europe and restore the free movement of people. EU foreign ministers are reportedly to sign the proposed system on Tuesday.

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