Emma Stone hinted that she is ready to have children: “I don’t mind having my own flock”


Earlier in the media there were rumors about the pregnancy of the actress.

Emma Stone, 31, shared her plans to start a family in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. The artist talked to journalists about the upcoming premiere of the cartoon “The Croods: Housewarming”, where she voiced the heroine named Gip. The reporter asked if Stone herself was ready for the replenishment. And, as it turned out, Emma is glad to think about offspring.

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“I’m not averse to having my own pack,” the actress shared, adding with a laugh that she’s unlikely to be as physically tough as Croods.

Perhaps the actress’s dreams will come true very soon – a couple of weeks ago there were rumors about her pregnancy. It was reported that for a walk through the streets of Los Angeles, she chose a baggy jumpsuit outfit that focused on the star’s floating waist. And then the designer Tova Malibu said on social networks that she personally saw the pregnant Stone near her home.

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Last December, Emma and her boyfriend, Saturday Night Live director Dave McCarey, announced their engagement. The couple wanted to get married in March, but due to the coronavirus, the celebration had to be canceled. However, fans believe that the young men have already secretly married, as they recently got engagement rings on their fingers.

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