Emma Roberts spoke about the Instagram war with her mom: “I didn’t think it was possible”


The actress told how she gave her mom an iPhone and eventually regretted it.

Emma Roberts’ mom, Kelly Cunningham, prevented her daughter from hiding her pregnancy, and because of this, Emma blocked her on Instagram. Roberts talked about this in a recent episode of The Jimmy Kimmel Show.

According to Emma, ​​it all started with the fact that she gave her mother an iPhone, and before that Kelly did not use gadgets at all.

I thought: cool, now we can chat on FaceTime and iMessage, how cute. But in the end it turned out to be the worst thing I could do

– shared the actress.

According to Emma, ​​her mother registered on social media, in particular, Instagram, and her daughter’s fans immediately followed her. When the rumors about Emma’s pregnancy first appeared, which were spreading the tabloids, fans decided to contact Kelly, and she confirmed the news about her daughter’s pregnancy.

I told her, “Mom, you ended up telling everyone about my pregnancy.” And she told me: “Emma, ​​you yourself told about it.” I replied, “No, this is the beginning of the press.” And she said, “Oh, well, I didn’t know that.” And I immediately blocked it. This is the only thing I could do. And she wrote to me at two in the morning: “Have you blocked me?” Then I unblocked it. It was an Instagram war with my mom, I didn’t even think it was possible. Here’s a story, there will be something to tell the children,

– shared Roberts.

Emma Roberts spoke about the Instagram war with her mom:

In the end, Emma still talked about the pregnancy herself, posting a post with a “pregnant” photo on Instagram. It will be the first child for her and her boyfriend Garrett Hedlund.

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