Emily Ratzkowski announced pregnancy in a candid video


The model became the heroine of the new issue of the digital version of Vogue magazine.

Emily Ratzkowski and her husband Sebastian Bier-McClard will soon become parents. Emily spoke about this in the new issue of American Vogue, on the cover of which she appeared with a rounded belly. The star did not reveal the sex of the child and made it clear that she was serious about the topic of gender identification.

In an interview, she shared her thoughts on this topic:

When my husband tells his friends that I am pregnant, almost all of them first of all after congratulations ask: “Have you decided who you want?” And so we realized that we would not know the sex of the child until he turns 18 – then he himself will let us know. It makes everyone laugh. However, the topic here is more important than what genitals the baby will have: we have no idea who – and not what – is growing in my belly. Who will this person become? Whose parents will we become? How will this change our life? And finally, who are we? This is an amazing and frightening concept that we are simply helpless before

– shared Emily.

Emily Ratzkowski announced pregnancy in a candid video

Ratzkowski worries that gender bias is “imposed from infancy.”

I want to be the kind of parent who will allow the child to prove himself. I hope that he can find a place in this world, but he will also face gender restrictions and differences even before he starts talking, walking, and even before he is born.

– says the 29-year-old model.

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