Elon Musk presented a working prototype of the breakthrough brain implant Neuralink

A year after its debut at the headquarters of Neuralink, its head, Elon Musk, presented the “V2” module – a working implant for direct connection to the brain of a living being. It is assumed that eventually the Neuralink technology will be applied to humans, but the presentation was carried out on pigs. A pig named Gertrude with the implanted chip behaved naturally, and the monitoring system confidently read the signals from her brain.

The new chip is called “Link 0.9” and has two parts. The first is a plate with 1024 electrodes, only 5 microns thick, which is implanted into the cortical part of the brain. This allows you to measure the basic parameters of its activity, and in the future, to access various functions, the electrodes will be deepened to the hypothalamus itself. The plate with electrodes is connected to a sealed 23×8 mm module, which is placed in a small niche cut in the skull. The main work of the neuralink takes place here.

Neuralink implant

The module can be implanted at any time, it is easy to remove it without harm to health. Inductive charging allows you to recharge the module while you sleep, the charge is guaranteed to last for a day of work. Data is transmitted wirelessly at megabit speeds up to 10 meters. Installing such an implant takes about an hour – according to Elon Musk, it’s like putting on a new fitness tracker and sorting out the settings.

The current prototype measures the temperature, pressure and movement of its owner in order to predict in advance the approach of a heart attack or stroke. Future models will be able to realize all the wonders of cyborgization, from transferring memory to an external medium to dialogue with machines at the speed of thought, applied telepathy, replacing organs with cyber prostheses, etc. Key news – at the presentation it was stated that human trials could begin as early as this year.

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