Elijah Wood Explains Why He Is Against The Lord Of The Rings Title For The Series

The official name of the project is still kept secret.

Actor Elijah Wood commented on the title of an upcoming Amazon series set in the famous world created by Tolkien. Wood shared his thoughts during an interview with Empire.

According to the artist, it is very strange for him that the future project is already called “The Lord of the Rings”, since the events around which the plot of the series is built take place before the events of the original trilogy.

“I find it very strange that they call it ‘The Lord of the Rings’ because they are not the same thing!” – emphasizes the actor.

At the same time, Wood noted that he would gladly play a cameo role in the upcoming show, as he is very fond of the world of the trilogy, which made him famous.

“If there was a world in which it would make sense and would be organic to the idea they are doing, then yes. Listen, give any excuse to go to New Zealand to work on something, and I’m absolutely ready, ”says the artist.

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Recall that the Amazon series, which will take place in the world of JRR Tolkien’s novels, is still shrouded in mystery. It is only known that the plot of the project will tell a story that takes place thousands of years before the classic film trilogy of Peter Jackson, at a time when Saruman had not yet become one of the greatest villains.

The first two episodes, according to the studio, will be directed by Juan Antonio Bayona, director of Voices of the Monster and the sequel to Jurassic World, and will play in the series by Robert Aramayo, Markella Cavena, Joseph Mole and other artists.

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Author: Andrey Chapygin

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