Electoral College voted for Joe Biden

Electoral College voted for Joe Biden

The electors in California gave the former vice president 55 votes. Members of Congress are expected to confirm the Electoral College vote on January 6. Biden will be sworn in as the 46th president on January 20.

In the United States on Monday, an Electoral College vote is held, which is expected to officially confirm Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election.

Electors in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Arizona have already cast votes for the former vice president. In all of these wavering states, incumbent President Donald Trump unsuccessfully challenged the victory of his Democratic rival.

The electoral college vote, usually considered a formal procedure, has gained prominence this year with Trump’s allegations of massive fraud in the November popular vote.

For weeks, the vote count has shown that Biden has received 306 electoral votes, while 270 is needed to win. Biden and President-elect Kamala Harris are scheduled to take office on January 20.

In the nation’s most populous state, California, the electors will convene at 5:00 pm ET. After that, Biden is expected to officially cross the 270-vote threshold.

According to Biden’s campaign headquarters, at 8:00 pm he plans to deliver a speech on the role of the Electoral College and the “resilience of American democracy.”

“In America, politicians don’t take power – they give it to it. We the people voted. Faith in our institutions holds. The integrity of our elections remains unchanged. Now is the time to turn the page and unite. As I said during this campaign, I will be the president of all Americans. I will work as hard for those of you who did not vote for me as I do for those who voted, ”reads a common excerpt from President-elect Biden’s speech.

Trump said late last month that he would leave the White House if the Electoral College votes for Biden, but subsequently continued to try to challenge the results in court.

On Monday, the president again issued a series of allegations of massive fraud.

“The wavering states where violations have been identified, and they have been identified in all of those states, cannot legally certify these results as complete and correct without committing a serious, punishable offense,” he tweeted.

A group of Trump supporters posted on Facebook a call for protests outside the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing, but so far only a small group of people have gathered there.

Once the Electoral College vote is over, the president has only one hope of persuading Congress not to approve the results in a special meeting on January 6.

Any objection must be passed by a majority vote in both houses, but this is unlikely to happen as the House of Representatives is controlled by Democrats. In addition, several Republican senators have already acknowledged Biden’s victory.

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