Egis Klimas: “I have seen more than once how Anatoly and Vasily Lomachenko argue”


The manager of the WBA, WBO and WBC Franchise lightweight champion of the world Vasily Lomachenko Egis Klimas spoke about the relationship of his ward with his father and coach Anatoly Lomachenko.

“They have a very good relationship. I see Anatoly and Vasily as father and son much more often than as a coach and boxer. I have seen them argue more than once. And each dispute ends with the fact that Lomachenko Sr. is right. He is more patient.

“Papachenko” is the foundation of the house. You don’t see it, but the house is on it. This is the role played by “Papachenko”. Anatoly dedicated his life to Vasily. Everything Anatoly did, he did for Vasily. Why did Vasily find himself in this position? Why does everyone know him as Vasily Lomachenko? Thanks to “Papachenko”, – said Egis Klimas in the second part of the documentary Blood, Sweat and Tears: Lomachenko vs Lopez.

We will remind, earlier Klimas told what caused Lopez’s dislike for Lomachenko.

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