Edgar Berlanga: “I will hit Chavez so hard that I will knock the coke out of his nostrils!”


The fast-growing prospect with Puerto Rican roots, Edgar Berlanga, has currently knocked out all 15 of his opponents in the first round. He believes that he can do this with a more eminent rival, for example, in the person of Julio Cesar Chavez. The young prospect laughed at the talked about drug addiction of Chavez Jr.and challenged him.

“Here’s what we’ll do. Julio Cesar Chavez will get a good kick from us, ”said a man from Berlanga’s team.

“We’ll beat the shit out of him, that’s all. This is how it will be. No, though. We’re not kicking shit out of him. Kick all the coke out of him, all the drugs he used, kick all of her! Considering my punching power, bang! and all the powder will fly out of his nose. I’ll just deliver one blow and all the drugs will fly out of his nostrils. I know I can knock him out in the first round, ”said the boxer himself.

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