Eddie Hearn responded to Arum’s criticism over Sky Sports’ refusal to broadcast Lomachenko-Lopez fight


The head of the Matchroom Boxing promotion company Eddie Hearn responded to the claims of his colleague Bob Arum that the British TV channel Sky Sports refused to buy the rights to fight Vasily Lomachenko – Teofimo Lopez.

“In the commercial world, boxing at 4:00 am local time does not work, it does not give ratings. Sky management knows little about Lopez. They may not even know much about Lomachenko. But they look at the numbers associated with this fight. For example , we could give them the figure of 30 thousand. And they would say: “And what is the benefit here?”

I think Lomachenko versus Lopez is a great fight. I wanted Sky to show it. So I made an offer based on my budget and tried to organize it.

Arum cannot reproach us for the fact that we do all the fights on PPV. He wanted to have a Brooke – Crawford fight on PPV. As a result, the fight between Lomachenko and Lopez will be paid! It will be shown on PPV in the UK. Arum took the money for this fight, but complains that others are selling fights too, “said Eddie Hearn.

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