Eddie Hearn fears for White’s mental health ahead of his rematch with Povetkin


Eddie Hearn, promoter of British heavyweight champion Dillian White, is not particularly worried about the physical condition of his ward, who so quickly agreed to a rematch with Alexander Povetkin after the Russian sent him to a brutal knockout.

Instead, the promoter is more concerned about White’s mental health, as the result of the previous fight could deprive Dillian of his focus, which will invariably affect the outcome of the second confrontation with Povetkin.

“There are two ways of looking at it. Dillian was in control of the fight, and was a few steps away from victory until he missed one hit in a million, and the chances of this happening again in a rematch are very slim,” Hearn said in interview with The Sun.

“Or you can say that Povetkin took two of White’s best punches, got up twice and stopped him with just one single punch he could get across. This fight was not a 12-round war or a prolonged beating, so physically Dillian should be okay, but revenge has more to do with the psychological side.

Dillian did not hesitate to demand immediate revenge, as he is sure that it was just a moment’s mistake that he can correct. But at the same time Povetkin is also not against revenge, because, having already beaten Dillian once, he believes that he can double his money in another easy fight. From a knockout like this one, you can quickly and efficiently recover physically, but as for the mental component of a fighter, we’ll figure it out on November 21st. “

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