Earth will soon have a second moon – but very strange and not for long


Astronomers warn: a mysterious space object is moving towards the Earth, and although it does not pose a danger to it, it will most likely fall into the Earth’s gravity zone, enter low-Earth orbit and become its “mini-moon” for a short time.

The object, apparently an asteroid with a size of 6 to 15 m, was named 2020 SO. It is expected to pass about 50,000 km from Earth on December 1.

There is another version, according to which 2020 SO is space debris, or rather a fragment of the stage of the American Atlas-Centaur rocket, which, as part of the lunar project, was supposed to deliver the automatic Surveyor 2 apparatus to the Moon in 1966. As you know, then an accident occurred, as a result of which the rocket collapsed. This version is supported by the size of the rocket stage – 12.7 m.

However, whatever this space alien is, it will not stay long in the “embrace” of the earth’s extension and in May 2021 it will continue its journey again.

Route 2020SO

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