Earlier than usual: information leaks out on the web when Samsung plans to unveil the Galaxy S21 line of smartphones


Following the release of the Galaxy Note 20 smartphones, Samsung has begun to prepare for the launch of the next flagship series of devices – the Galaxy S21. Now information has appeared on the network when the manufacturer plans to release new items.

What is known

As reported by SamMobile, citing its source from Asia, this time Samsung will show the S-series smartphones in early January. This will most likely be an online event. The upcoming announcement is also supported by reports that the company’s suppliers have already begun mass production of components for devices.

By the way, the current Galaxy S20 lineup was announced on February 11th. Why Samsung decided to hurry up this time is unknown, but there can be many reasons. Perhaps the company wants to seize the chance and get ahead of Huawei. Moreover, the latter is not doing very well right now due to US sanctions. Or Samsung plans to widen the gap between the regular Galaxy S21 smartphones and the simplified Galaxy S21 Fan Edition. According to rumors, it will be announced in the second half of 2021.

Source: SamMobile

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