Dwayne Johnson touchingly congratulated a fan on her 101st birthday


Touching to tears.

Dwayne Johnson is always warm with fans on social media, but his latest gesture surpassed everything else. Last year, the actor was approached on Twitter by communications expert Jamie Klinger, who said that her friend’s grandmother was about to celebrate her 100th birthday, and since she adores Johnson, she would be happy to receive congratulations from him.

At first, Jamie hoped that an agent of the Rock would contact her, but instead, Dwayne himself answered the publication, who happily fulfilled the stranger’s request to please such a devoted fan. As a result, the actor recorded a video, which got to the addressee on a significant date, and Klinger later showed on Twitter how Granny Grover was happy to be congratulated.

But the story did not end there. Johnson did not forget about his oldest fan and this year he recorded another video for her. The actor sang the traditional song “Happy birthday, you!”, Said that he observes the rules of social distancing, and literally flooded his grandmother with warm wishes. And everyone who sees her reaction to this appeal, as if moved to tears.

Jamie herself in one of the tweets noticed that by his act Dwayne once again showed how simple and kind he is.

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