Donald Trump spoke about the attitude towards Meghan Markle: “Harry needs luck”

Trump says he’s not happy with Prince Harry’s wife.

Meghan and Harry recently appeared on American TV for the first time since Megsit and called on people to vote in November. After that, the journalists decided to ask Donald Trump what he thinks about the couple and their call to vote.

A reporter asked Trump to comment that “Meghan and Harry are urging people to vote for Joe Biden [главного оппонента Трампа]”, Although the dukes did not specifically talk about it. And Trump replied:

I’m not a fan of Megan and she probably knows that. I wish Harry the best of luck because it will come in handy for him.

Donald Trump spoke about the attitude towards Meghan Markle:

In a video filmed by the couple in their backyard, Meghan, as a US citizen, urges people to register for elections and vote in November. Neither she nor her husband singled out a specific candidate.

The elections will take place in six weeks, and voter registration has begun today. Every four years we are told: “These are the most important choices in our life.” But it’s true. When we vote, our values ​​become real and our voices heard,

Megan says in the video. And Harry urged the audience to observe “information hygiene”:

The closer November is, the more important it is for us to keep out malicious discussions, misinformation and negativity on the Web. All the information we absorb has a real impact on us.

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