Donald and Melania Trump infected with coronavirus: “We will overcome this together”


The president and his wife canceled all cases and went into quarantine.

Donald and Melania Trump tested for coronavirus, and it turned out to be positive. Prior to that, it became known that COVID-19 was diagnosed with the presidential adviser Hope Hicks.

I tested positive for COVID-19 today. We immediately go to quarantine and begin to recover. We will overcome this together!

– wrote on his Twitter page Trump. Melania later added:

Like many Americans this year, we went into quarantine after testing positive. We are feeling good and have already canceled all the planned cases. Please make sure you are safe. We can handle this together.

The White House has canceled all of the president’s scheduled meetings on Friday, with the exception of a phone call to support vulnerable older people in the light of the pandemic. President’s physician Sean Conley said the couple “are doing well at this time and plan to stay at home until they recover.”

Rest assured, I expect the President to continue to carry out his duties smoothly during his recovery, and I will keep you informed of any future developments.

Conley added in a statement from the White House press office.

Donald and Melania Trump are infected with coronavirus:

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