Dmitry Pirog appreciated Gassiev’s chances in a fight with Sefer Seferi


Former WBO middleweight champion Dmitry Pirog shared his thoughts on the upcoming fight between Murat Gassiev and Sefer Seferi for the WBA International heavyweight belt.

Recall that initially Gassiev was supposed to share the ring with American Kevin Johnson, but he unexpectedly refused the fight, citing problems with his passport.

“There is a chance, first of all, because he is a pronounced puncher,” Pirog said in an interview with REN TV. – “Murat was preparing for a guy who moved around a lot, good defense technique, respectively, one could expect that the fight after a long pause in his career would drag on for all rounds. And that would be great and good, because after downtime it is necessary to cover the entire distance But now the changes have taken place, and the boxer from Albania is a pronounced puncher. There will be a completely different pattern of the fight. And Murat will have to behave differently.

Murat’s skills have become a little dulled in two years, there may be a different outcome of the battle. But at the same time, this fight will not cover the entire distance. Two distinct knockouts meet, who hits first. I think that Murat has a lot more chances, he is very diligent in preparing for each fight.

Seferi’s entire boxing is built to invest in the blow. If in the first rounds Murat does not miss the “stray blow”, then I am sure that he will figure it out, his defense is many times better than that of his opponent, “Pirog added.

Murat Gassiev spent his last fight in July 2018, losing by a judicial decision to Ukrainian boxer Alexander Usik in the final of the World Boxing Super Series (WBSS) tournament. After this fight, the Russian decided to change the weight category, but his debut in the heavyweight division was constantly postponed due to various reasons.

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